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TPU Silicone Cover Case Hard/ Soft/ Gel

TPU Silicone cases better protects your iPhone and its looks. Silicone is quite flexible, making it easy to remove quickly. If you keep a silicone phone case in your pocket, you may find that it doesn’t slide in or out very easily. The high flexibility makes silicone popular with those who want a protective case but need to take it off and on frequently.

TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. It’s a sturdy yet elastic material that can be transparent or coloured. TPU cases bend and flex, so they can come up over all four sides of a phone for great protection. The rubbery sides give enough grip that the case is unlikely to slip through your fingers, but doesn’t keep the case from sliding into a pocket or purse. TPU silicone has both hard case and soft gel
cases and comes in clear transparent or coloured finish. They don’t shatter like plastic or scratch .

TPU cases are a good all-around material for those looking to blend the benefits of silicone and plastic. However, clear, white, or coloured TPU cases do tend to discolour somewhat over time.

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